Dana Tucker Routing WorkshopIt seems that the two questions asked in our X32 Rack Facebook User Group and in the PMs and emails I receive are: “how do I setup my routing” and “how do I setup my In Ear Monitors?” (IEMS). The short answer, that depends on what you are using the X32 Rack for. Are you using it for Front of House, (FOH), as a monitor source, streaming, or all three?

Are you using Matrices to feed outside parking lots, cry rooms, foyers or overflow rooms? How many buses do you need for your IEMs? Have you considered using P16s for IEMs? Are you running them in mono or stereo? Does it matter? Well that depends on who you ask. In reality, the person using the IEMs should have the final say if possible.

This workshop is held on the second and forth Monday of each month at 7PM, Eastern Standard Time. It is catered to beginners who want to get a solid foundation, of the routing principles for the X32 mixers. I have limited this workshop to ten participants at a time, so we can make sure we can get to any questions you may have. The price is $50 and you can reserve your spot by clicking the PayPal Buy Now button below. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will do my best to answer them or you can check my FAQ page. You can view the current date and time at my location below. Please adjust your time accordingly. Thanks, I look forward to hanging out and talking shop with you! Dana.

X32 Routing & IEMs Workshop
X32 Routing & IEMs Workshop
In this workshop we will be discussing the routing tabs in the X32 Edit program. From basic routing to using the P16s and User In tabs. We will cover using the standard USB and XLive cards. We do not offer Dante training at this time.
Price: $50.00