I want to take a few minutes to say how much I appreciate Dana Tucker. In the fall of 2021, I purchased the X32 Rack as I resurrected a band after not performing for over 10 years. Dana was there to answer any questions I had and even spent a few sessions one on one. It was during one of our sessions that he mentioned Reaper DAW.

Once again he spent his personal time helping me with that as well. I thought about him tonight during our band rehearsal. Tonight the x32 and Reaper worked like a well oil machine.

Running our full band mic’ed and DI the board, midi running a click track sequenced light show to each song and 5 separate IEM mixes. I still have a lot to learn but improving my knowledge everyday. Thanks for your help Dana, I now play a several roles in the band, front-man, lighting and sound engineer. Chuck S.