The Chain

THE CHAIN, named like the same name song by Fleetwood Mac, are six musicians who are covering the timeless hits of the cult band Fleetwood Mac in their own way. Close to the original, but without becoming a copy. At the end of 2018, the two full time musicians Gerhard and Barbara Wiebe initiated the project and put together a team that accumulated many decades of stage experience in Germany and abroad.

Some of them already toured with bands such as Saga, Nazareth, Skorpions and many others. After all these years the songs by Fleetwood Mac have lost none of their fascination. Whether soulful ballads like “Dreams” and “Sara” or the long-running hits “Don’t Stop” and “Go Your Own Way” – just to name a few. THE CHAIN do perform these hits in an unforgettable way and is being accompanied by two additional backing vocals on larger stages.

Gerhard Wiebe, guitar & vocals. Barbara Wiebe, vocals & acoustic guitar. Andreas Keppler, vocals & percussion. Armin Schoeneberger, bass. Chris Hinz, keyboard. Michel Ernst, drums.