Talking shop Tuesdays consist of bi-monthly question and answer sessions talking about the X/M 32 Mixers with their associated S/SD Stage Boxes, Behringer P16s, Behringer P1 & P2 Personal In Ear Monitors, Xlive/USB Cards, X/M32 Edit, X/M32 Mix, MixBus/MX-Q Apps & Reaper, via Zoom. If you register with a valid email address, you will automatically be sent a download link to the recorded video that will be valid for 24 hours after you receive the download link. If you would like to be a Panelist, please send me a DM through FB Messenger or contact me HERE. The goal is to allow anyone who is attending to ask question and receive answers from qualified individuals that have decades in the audio industry as well as hands on experience with the X/M 32 Mixers for both recording and live performances.

From complex routing theory to simple channel strip processing and everything in between, the goal is to simply help others get expert advice using their audio gear. There is a reason you need 18dBs of headroom, Line Level Signals, Proper Input Gain, Balanced Audio Cables and a hundred other settings to get the most out of your mixers. You will also have an opportunity to ask your questions via email by clicking HERE as long as it is done with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice, before the events start. You will be able to upload your scene file during these meetings as well, so we can check them out in real time. You can click HERE to watch a short video on how to do this.

The first Tuesday of each month will be for our North American Members and it will start promptly at 9PM EST. This time was chosen to allow our West Coast Members to have a better chance of joining the meetings. The second Tuesday will be for our European Members and will start promptly at 20:00 CEST, (8PM EST). This time was chosen by two of our Members that will be a part of the Panelist. Please keep in mind it is impossible to accommodate everyone concerning the 24 worldwide time zones and regardless of where you are at, you can attend either Tuesday or both if you like.

If you are outside of the United States, just copy and paste/type in “New York” into the search bar on the World Time Zone Converter to see how many hours you are ahead, or behind us. If you are inside the United states just copy and paste/type in “Felsberg, Switzerland” and see how many hours you are ahead, or behind us. As an example, I live on the East Coast of the USA, when I copy and paste Felsberg, Switzerland into the time zone calculator, it shows me I am 6 hours behind them. So if they start at 8pm their time, it would be 2pm where I live. Please click HERE to convert your time zone.

Although these Zoom calls are free, they will be held like the webinars you would normally pay for. Once you click the link to join the meeting you will be placed into a waiting room, and then admitted into the meeting. Your mic as well as video camera will be disables and it can only be turned on by one of the Hosts. If you want to ask a question, you need to click the “Raise Hand” icon to ask it verbally or type it into the chat window. Your questions will be addressed in the order we receive them and as time permits. Our waiting room will open 10 minuets before the event starts. Please click on the meetings you plan to attend below and click the registration link. We look forward to seeing you there. Dana.

North American Talking Shop Tuesdays June 6th, 2023 9PM EST.

European Talking Shop Tuesdays June 20th, 2023. 2AM EST.