Using The X32 Rack Aux Out For Your Stream Feed

Hello, my name is Dana and I have been recording the “Spoken Word” for 45 years. I have analyzed close to 10,000 Podcast files using the recommended standards set forth by the Audio Engineering Society, commonly referred to as the AES, to wit I am a Proud Member of.

This short video goes over using the X32 Aux Out 1 to feed an Alesis 8 Channel Multimix USB Mixer to supply the stream feed. The signal path is from the SM57 Dynamic Mic into channel 17 of the X32 Rack. From the M/C channel into the X32 Aux 1 Out. From the X32 Aux 1 Out into the Alesis Channel 2 Line In.

The input gain on Channel 17 was set to get the input signal from the SM57 to around a -18dbs at the loudest point of my speaking. On the Alesis the input gain knob was set to the 2 o’clock position, the trim know was set to the 2 o’clock position and the master output know was set to the 10 o’clock position.

At no time was any of the gains close to being maxed out, which in turn will always result in a lower noise floor. (White Noise). You can achieve the same results with the 2 or 4 Channel Alesis Multimix USB Mixer as well.

If you need to run your feed in stereo, you would just create two buses or keep all your channels panned to 0 in the X32 Rack. You could also use a Matrix but it is really not needed. The most basic feed you can create is to use one bus will everything panned to 0. The best information in this video IMHO is “Gain Staging” as well as “Simplicity”.

I am an active Narrator with the ACX. I also teach Home Recording. I have taught thousands of people how to record professional audio concerning the “Spoken Word” commonly referred to as “Speech”. If you plan on joining any of these organizations or dive into recording, I invite you to check out my other videos as well as my website @ You can also join our community at

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