Greetings, my name is Dana and if you have been directed to this page, you have been asked or wish to perform music at the Wright Family Benefit. This benefit is sponsored by Danielle Compton, Sue Stevens and Chestin N Kandice Wright. This event will start at 5pm on November 11th, 2023 at the Swordscreek Community Center located at 33 Pine Creek Rd. Swordscreek Va. 24649. You can click on their names above to contact them through Facebook, as well as the address above to get turn by turn directions using Google maps.

We are coming together as a community to help bless Chestin & Kandice Wright. As some of you may know, Chestin stopped to help someone who had ran off the road. While helping them he was knocked off of a bridge causing him multiple injuries that lead to 2 surgeries with 1 more surgery to go. He has been out of work for a while and will be out of work until after the first of the year. Chestin was the main financial provider for their household and with bills, their babies birthdays next month and Christmas coming up, we are hoping to bless their family and help relieve some of the financial burden they are carrying. Come out and enjoy an evening of great singing, raffles, a cake walk, a hot dog dinner and wonderful fellowship with the community!

My involvement is to setup the live sound as well as multi-track record your performance. I will then take these recordings and after mixing and mastering the audio, produce a master file. I will then take these mastered files and upload them to CD Baby. 100% of the proceeds will be given to the Wright Family Benefit.

After I receive the 100 mastered CDs, I will then distribute them for others to sell at $10 per CD or whatever price is determined. I truly expect them to sell out within a week. After that, I can do a 100 CD reorder to be used for the same purpose, minus my cost which will be around $300. The following requirements are not my own, but rather the requirements from United States Copyright Office, CD Baby and Disk Makers. If any song is submitted that is copyright protected and the proper license are not submitted, Cd Baby as well as Disk Makers will reject the project.

The process for using your audio on this CD is simple. You must either own the rights to use this material, (your original music), be willing to obtain the proper license to use each song you wish to use for this project, or the song/backing tracks must be found in the Public Domain. At this time the cost is around $80 for a 3 and a 1/2 minuet song. Please note that these same licenses must be purchased again for the second order as well. The licenses are only valid for a specific amount of CDs, Live Streams or Downloads and are three different types of licenses.

Now comes the good news! There are hundred if not thousands of songs that have been listed in the Public Domain by the United States Copyright Office. They range from Old Time Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, Contemporary Christian, to works by the most famous composers know to mankind. I have listed two links below to songs that you may know, or could learn very quickly so we can include you in this project. Go Tell It On The Mountain, Amazing Grace, How Great Tho Art and Will the Circle Be Unbroken are just a few of many.

The main thing to remember is why we are doing this. We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for participation to help raise money for the Wright Family. With over 47 years in this industry, my favorite albums, cassettes and CDs have always been from live recordings due to the excitement of the event. I can just about guarantee you when people know the singers, the last thing on their mind is hearing a misplaced note or a word that was slightly off key. Once we have the audio Mastered, I will also be making it available as a direct download. The price will be $10 and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Wright family, minus the small amount PayPal deducts for the On-Line transaction. My job as the Project Engineer to to help you with any questions you may have, and I am available 24/7/365 during this project. I encourage you to join in with the production of this CD.

  1. Best Known Public Domain Spirituals
  2. Ministry International Journal for Pastors

Please CLICK HERE and provide me with the information mentioned above. Please insure that you double check your spelling as this information that will be used for the CD inserts.

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