X32 EditI designed my studio for three types of Recording, Mixing and Mastering services, using advice from some of the smartest people that have made audio acoustics, their life long occupation. Speech, Vocals and Instrumental. Our mastering room has been built to allow us to balance your audio to the specifications you are trying to achieve as well as the sound you want to represent your talent. We believe that our location as well as our recording, mixing and mastering studio design, is what sets us apart of other studios.

Concentrate on your music, not getting it ready for air play, that’s my job. The Behringer X32 digital mixer packs everything I need to easily mix and record your live show. With its amazing-sounding Midas-designed mic preamps, the Behringer X32 is also used in my studio. Powerful and intuitive, the Behringer X32 has 40 processing channels and 16 mix buses, giving me the flexibility to set you up in the best possible way. I have the capability for 32-channel recording. If you’re tired of negotiating an endless sea of who to use, then please contact me concerning your project and check out a new approach using digital recording, mixing and mastering. Dana.