• Marco Massai

    In addition to his deep knowledge of the audio industry and ways to professionally produce audio-books and voice-overs, everything he teaches is encapsulated into a bigger picture, he has the

  • Chip Davis

    If you have questions about using Reaper for ACX, Dana is a wealth of no-nonsense answers. I was having issues meeting ACX technical requirements in Reaper and had no one

  • Sani T.

    In spite of the fact that my everyday work is an audio engineering for the National Theater (Wikipedia) in my country (Bosnia), this Podcasting Course has been the most educational

  • Martin H.

    I found Dana through his excellent X32-Rack User group on Facebook. He helped me with a vocal track which needed refinement. Not only did Dana solve the problem(s), he also

  • Josh J.

    I work for a Christian nonprofit ministry to the military, and one of our newest initiatives is to get a podcast up and running in order to provide an encouraging

  • Trisha Rose

    As a lover of the inspiration for living to be gained through stories, Trisha is fascinated by the idea of communicating in a way that immerses the listener in an