Concentrate on your music or running sound for your Church, not running all over the internet trying to find videos on how to use the Behringer/Midas X32 Mixers. You are not paying for a “Video Course”, you are paying for one on one training using Zoom. The advantage of recording our video calls, is so you can go back and review our conversations whenever you need to. Even though this is a X32 Rack Course, the majority of my students use the full X32 Desk, Producer or Compact. Since all the X/M 32 Mixers use the same firmware, they all operate the same exact way. I prefer the X32 Rack with two S16 stage boxes because it can be setup and tore down very quickly & I use this setup for running Front of House. (FOH)

I have been doing this for over 49 years and I will be the first to admit, I still learn new things just about every day. It is the nature of my industry, and hopefully, soon to be yours. You will quickly realize that you need to keep up, or get left behind. The one thing that everyone starting out will have in common, is you must start with the basics concerning audio!

It does not matter if you are running sound for a Church, your Band or streaming audio for a Government Agency, if you don’t understand basic audio principles, then you will probably find nothing but frustration before you even get behind your mixer. If you don’t know how to choose the right mic, set the proper input gain or know how the room sounds, then knowing how to send effects to a bus or applying compression on the mains will not help your mix or recording sound better, it will most likely make it sound worse!

Regardless if you are new to the mixing and mastering world, or making the jump from analog to digital, when it comes to the X32, you can become overwhelmed instantly when you are just starting out. It is never the “one big thing” that produces professional audio, but all the “little steps” that must be done properly. The cost is $400 and the training will consist of eight one on one zoom calls that last approximately one hour. 

These zoom calls are recorded so you can review them as you see fit and there is no limit on how many people you choose, to attend these zoom calls. Depending on my calendar and your availability, you can book these meetings back to back,  once a day, four times a day, once a week or whatever fits your needs. You can select your time and dates using my calendar here. You must give me 24 hours notice when booking your appointment. You can click here to read a more detailed explanation on how this course is setup.

You need to have X32 Edit installed on the same computer that is connected to your X/M32 mixer as well as Zoom. This way we can screen share X32 Edit with each other during our zoom calls. I am a Windows user and I know very little about Macs. You can watch this video by David Allam, who is a Mac user to configure X32 Edit for your Mac computer. I look forward to working with you, humbly, Dana Tucker.


Below are some of the things you will be learning.

How to setup your MonitorsMixer and Stage Box RoutingSetting Up Mix Buses, Matrices and DCAsUSB RecordingAssigning Mute GroupsUsing Auxiliary I/OsChannel Strip ProcessingI/O MetersLive Broadcasting/StreamingMulti Track RecordingSaving Scenes & Channel PresetsSetting Up Show Files –  Using X32 Edit On Your Computer & X32 Mix For Your iPadUsing MX-Q For Your In Ear Monitors – How To Do A Virtual Sound Check – Setting The Proper Input Gain – Setting Up The P16 IEMs – How To Properly Setup Your Sub Channel – How To Setup Your Static IP Address – How To Properly Setup Your Mains To Any Room Size – How To Effectively Remove Feedback


X32 Rack Training
X32 Rack Training
Concentrate on your music or running sound for your Church, not running all over the internet trying to find videos on how to use the Behringer/Midas X32 Mixers.
Price: $400.00
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X32 Rack Training
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Michael Ragu Rogowski

I'm a Musician, Venue Owner from North Eastern Pennsylvania. Until COVID 19 I had several, Sound Guys / Light Guys and Video People / Production staff as a part of my team. Since then I've taken a new path onto a new journey. I tip my hat and bow to all you production people out there because I now realize how NOT easy it is to do! However, talking with Dana and explaining to him what my newest goal is, my Vision and what I'm going to do Creatively moving forward has been nothing more then a blessing thus far. As of now I give him a 5 star review for even thinking about taking me on as a student. I will also let everyone know if he was able to Teach an Old Dog new tricks. 🙂 Michael Ragu Rogowski

I love a good challenge but this ain't going to be it Brother! You got this & I look forward to working with you!!

 by Matt L.

I have an x32 rack and from the beginning I was in over my head. I’m a visual learner who needs to see how things work together. YouTube videos had some benefit, but there was still a disconnect. Dana’s course gave me the opportunity to see it, try it, and understand it. Giving depth to what I wasn’t getting out of other sources. Dana has made this mixer make sense to me. Without this course I’d still be struggling with so many unanswered questions. Matt.

It has been a pleasure working with you Matt! I look forward to our future meetings as well.

 by Kevin N Keils

I started mixing sound a few years ago after retiring from a long Information Technology Career. I was asked to mix shows live for a friend using QSC gear. I fell in love with the job and the process of making the band sound better. After a couple of years, I gained experience with other mixers working for different bands in the area. I came across one show and they used an X18 Behringer and from that night on I was hooked on the technology. I spoke with my friend now partner in a sound engineering company about it and we sold the QSC and bought an X32 Rack.

Knowing very little about this mixer I went straight to YouTube and found Dana very quickly. After watching a few videos he had posted I knew this was my teacher. I contacted Dana and enrolled in his class. I have spent the better part of 40 years learning technology on my own taking training classes then later virtually online. Dana does not only understand how to teach but also the underlying technology better than most. He is down to earth, straight forward, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

No way you come away from his personalized lessons with anything but complete satisfaction. No one gives that much of their immense knowledge for so little. I am highly recommending Dana for all you X32 needs and really any other knowledge about live and recorded mixing. Owner of K Squared Audio.

 by Karl Vierkant

Dana is a lifesaver and an absolute wealth of knowledge about the X32 and
everything to do with sound engineering. This course is highly recommended if you have never operated or if a novice with the X32 before. Dana will help you through the maze that is routing, bus, matrix, and so much more. He is very active on FB community for the X32. Do yourself a favor, take the course. Kevin V.

It is a pleasure meeting with you! Maybe one day we can throw a cracked chicken on the smoker standing side by side. 😉

 by Bill Hubard

Dana – just wanted to let you know how much value I have received form your X32 Rack one on one program! Like many, I graduated to the X32 from a MR18. To say I was lost would be an understatement. I discovered you on your Facebook X32 Rack Group, which is excellent. I saw how you interacted with the other members and the knowledge you unselfishly shared and decided to sign up for your program. It was the best decision I have ever made in my journey to become a Sound Engineer. Your knowledge is deep, your patience (especially with me) is deeper.

I can honestly say for me personally and for my company, we would not have enjoyed the success we have today without my relationship with you. I would energetically recommend ANYONE involved in the recording or sound industry using the X32 product lines to sign up for this program. Thank you Dana! Bill H for Sound on Sound.

It is a pure pleasure to work with you Bill!

 by Bert Morton

This X32 training class with Dana exceeded my expectations. I'm getting so confident and excited about what I'm learning, I'm considering mixing for other bands occasionally. My first love is playing drums in my band while mixing. Lot of work, but someone has to do it. I have had this X32 for 5 years and had no idea it could do all of what it can do. I encourage anyone who wants to know all the things that this powerful mixer can do to take Dana's class. You will not regret it. Bert M.

 by Zach A.

Dana has been a God send gem for our church's audio visual ministry. He has gone above and beyond to train newbies on multiple zoom meetings to continually improve our sound quality. He is patient and responds faster than lighting to questions. The one time fee that he charges is truly affordable for any church. He has spent a lot of time training our whole team to where we are a whole lot more comfortable changing any setting on the X32 edit software. We have been able to achieve consistent quality sound regardless of the sound technician on duty. He is a true blessing. Zach A.