Now that you have learned how to multi track your audio inputs, the next step is to learn how to mix and master these audio files together. There is a reason I do not offer these two skills sets in my X/M 32 Training Course. It has nothing to do with money, it’s because audio at this point, only has three sections. Learning how to properly record, how to properly mix the recorded files together and how to properly master the mixed files for distribution.

During the mixing stage, you first need to determine if the tracks were recorded properly. It all starts with this process. If you don’t or can’t start with properly recorded tracks, then as the old saying goes, it’s time for “take two”! Now you need to understand how to go back and record the affected tracks again. If you are dealing with 30 tracks and only one or two needs to be redone, it would be silly to dump the project and start from scratch.

Once every track is blended in with each other, and you have added the proper EQ, Compression, Reverb and any other effects, which there are hundreds, into the mix, you need to learn how to master that mix so it can be used for online media distribution like YouTube, Facebook, Apple Music, Band Camp, Spotify, your own website and a dozen other platforms that support online audio feeds.

If you fail to do this properly, these platforms are going to compress your audio, aka “SQUASH” it to the point where it will strip the dynamics right out of your song. There is a tremendous difference when you want to squash your drum bus on purpose to blend it into your main mix, and squashing the entire audio file. You need to know the difference between the two and that is what this one-on-one course will teach you.

While it is impossible for me to teach you how to “Train Your Ear”, when it comes to learning how to be a Mixing and Mastering Engineer, it really just boils down to one thing. “Do you like to listen to music and can you hear the different instruments and vocals”? If you can, then you can learn how to mix and master!

I left Pro Tools many years ago and switched over to Reaper for my DAW, and never looked back. I simply got tired of paying hundreds of dollars a year for their subscription requirements. Using REAPER with your PC or Mac, and no other software, you can import any audio and MIDI, synthesize, sample, compose, arrange, edit, mix, and master songs or any other audio projects. If you add a hardware audio interface and a microphone, you have a complete professional quality recording studio, suitable for recording anything from a soloist to an orchestra.

There is only one version of REAPER, used by home hobbyists and high-end professional studios alike. When it comes to stock plugins, there a dozens to choose from that will help you get that Professional Polished Sound that you will be looking for. While any Professional DAW will work for mixing and mastering, this course will be taught using Reaper. You can Evaluate the full version of REAPER with no obligation for up to 60 days. At this time the price is a one time fee of $60!

The price is $600 and in 2023, iPhone videos just aren’t getting it done when it comes to the audio section of your videos! If you are in a band and you are looking to book larger venues, they are looking for the best of the best and you will need to represent your band in the best light possible. If you are looking to start a career in the Mixing and Mastering profession, then this course will get you up to speed with the basic processes involved.

Since this is a digital course and you will be able to record our Zoom Meetings to your own hard drive, this course has a ZERO REFUND POLICY! I am happy to do a Zoom call with you to determine if this course is right for you for free. The audio you can listen to below has no trickery involved whatsoever. It simply shows you the before and after version.

The before audio is around 3dB softer then the after version. The only plugins I used for the after version is a gate, reverb, eq and a multi-band compressor on the master channel. I also did some panning on certain tracks. They are mp3 files and the after version will meet the standards for ANY streaming platform therefore these platforms will not alter this version in any way. The name of the song is “How I Lost My Way”. I look forward to working with you! Humbly, Dana Tucker.

This is the BEFORE version of these audio files in their raw format.


This is the AFTER version that has been mixed and mastered using the process you will learn using Reaper.

Mixing & Mastering Course
Mixing & Mastering Course
Since this is a digital course and you will be able to record our Zoom Meetings to your own hard drive, this course has a ZERO REFUND POLICY! I am happy to do a Zoom call with you to determine if this course is right for you for free.
Price: $600.00

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