Mixing Station Pro Offline Manual

I am just starting to learn how to use Mixing Station Pro and I am also getting ready for an upcoming event that will leave me with no internet access. So I wanted to be able to read the Mixing Station Pro manual when I have some downtime. Since there is no offline manual for MSP, I decided to spend the time to copy the one online, right from the Dev-core website.

I have saved this manual in both a .docx and .pdf format. The .docx version will play the included gif videos and you can use the “Ctrl” and “Right Mouse Click” to follow the links, as well as the back links. The .pdf version WILL NOT play the gif videos but you can use the links as well as the back links just by clicking on them. There is only one video that is not included in both versions, but I have added the link to this video on YouTube.

I have reached out to Dev-core and have yet to hear back from David. I have created these two documents under the guidance of the U.S. Copyright Office Fair Use Index. Since I am not charging anything for these documents and they are for education purposes only, I am confident that I have met their requirements.

The PDF version will open in a new tab and you can print or download it from there. The DOCX version will start to download once you click on the link. I have checked both versions on my Windows Laptop, iPhone and iPad and they work flawlessly. If you find that the links DO NOT work for you using the PDF version, then you need to use a PDF view that is capable of using active links like Adobe PDF Viewer. You can download the PDF version here and the DOCX version here.


  1. Jerry Kelk says

    On each page, “First Addition” should be “First Edition”

  2. Dana says

    Thanks for catching that. I have made the correction.

  3. Chris says

    I just wanted to thank you for producing these documents.
    I’ve been looking for something like this since I started using the Pro version.
    Thanks man, appreciated 👍

  4. Dana says

    You are very welcome. I had to jump over to Mixing Station Pro after Behringer left thousands of their customers in the dark with their official app. I was going on a trip and I knew I would not have any internet access, so I did this so I would be able to read through the manual. I figured since I already did the hard part, why not release it to others who may have the same needs.

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