Creating Custom Scenes

Creating scenes for the X/M 32 mixers is extremely complex as well as intimidating if you are just learning how to use these mixers. From complex routing to setting up proper monitor mixes, attention to detail is an absolute requirement. It only takes one small mistake to keep you from being able to accomplish what you are trying to do from hearing via your monitors, to producing sound out of your PA system.

The following information is required in order for me to to create scenes for the X/M 32 Digital Mixers. After I have created your scene, we will hold a live one on one Zoom call where I will explain how to use your scene as well as how I created it. This will allow you to create any additional scenes you may need in the future.

I use Reaper as my Digital Audio Workstation,(DAW). It is impossible for me to learn every DAW on the market in 2022. However, I can create your scene so that whatever inputs you have coming in, can be recorded by most professional DAWs by following their procedure for multi-track recording.

The bottom line is very simply. The more information you can provide me, the more detailed information I can add to your scene. All channels will have stock channel strip processing effects added. It will be your responsibility to tweak theses effects once you get to your location. Please understand it is impossible for me to tweak these setting from my location, as I am not in the same room nor have I had the opportunity to listen to any of your audio.

  1. Your mixer as well as any stage boxes you may be using. (IE: X32 Rack with S16).
  2. Which AES50 Port you wish to use.
  3. The name of each band member and what channel as well as buses they will be using. (IE: Bill will be using channel 1 for lead vocals and also plays the acoustic guitar. He will be using buses 1 and 2 for his stereo In Ear Monitors).
  4. The name of any instrument as well as what channel they will be using.
  5. Any auxiliary input for backing tracks or click tracks using your Digital Audio Workstation, (DAW) as the input.
  6. Any auxiliary inputs for anything else as well as the source that will be used for providing this signal.
  7. Any In Ear Monitor or stage monitor as well as the person who will be using them.
  8. Will monitors be in stereo or mono or both?
  9. Any Auxiliary Outputs used as well as where this signal will go. (IE: Auxiliary Output 1 for stage monitor used by lead singer).
  10. Will you be using any Mute Groups, Matrices or DCAs? If so, please provide a detailed description of what you are wanting to do. (IE: I will need a live streaming/broadcasting feed for our events going into a ATEM Mini etc).
  11. Will you be using the Mixers USB Port for recording? If so, please provide the source you would like recorded. (IE: Main L/R Channels Post EQ).
  12. Will you be using any special point to point patching for routing? If so, please provide a detail explanation so I can understand what you are trying to do. As there are so many different ways to do internal routing, this may allow me to provide you with more then one option.
  13. Will you be using any inserts or effects? If so, you will need to provide detailed information on what effects or inserts you want added to any specific channels/buses/mains. Please understand it is impossible for me to tweak these setting from my location, as I am not in the same room nor have I had the opportunity to listen to any of your audio.
  14. Will you be using a sub channel? If so, what instruments/mics/inputs will you need added to this M/C channel?

As you can see, there is a tremendous amount of information needed to properly create your scene. Once your scene is created and we have our Zoom call, I am basically teaching you how to apply channel strip processing, adding effects, using sends and returns, setting up mix buses, using input/output routing, adding inserts, adding effects to buses, setting up matrices as well as a few other things.

On average it takes me around 1 hour to create your scene and around 45 minuets to explain it to you via Zoom. The price is $100 and you will pay this amount before you receive your scene due to the fact that it is a digital file and once it is delivered to you, there is no way to stop you from using it. You can click here to download this check list. Please click the “Buy Now” button below to get this process started. Sincerely, Dana Tucker.

Custom Scenes
Custom Scenes
Creating scenes for the X/M 32 mixers.
Price: $100.00
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Creating Custom Scenes
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 2 reviews
 by Sandy G.

You are a God Send Dana!! I was able to sit down with our A/V crew after our Zoom call and explain to them how we can create our scenes for our different services. The fact that we now know why we need to do the things we do to create our new scenes is just the icing on the cake!!

It was my pleasure working with you as well.

 by Jack S.

Your explanation after creating my custom scene was a game changer for me! I now have the confidence to create my other scenes knowing they will work as soon as I load them. Thanks Dana!!

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