Very seldom do I come across someone who is seeking advice, that has already demonstrated the expertise of having a reputation in the Voice Over/Acting profession. Chip is one of those guys! After doing a single Zoom call, Chip took his career to new heights by being able to master his own audio to meet the ACX requirements. This is an email Chip sent to me concerning anyone else looking for advice concerning the ACX and Reaper.

“If you have questions about using Reaper for ACX, Dana is a wealth of no-nonsense answers. I was having issues meeting ACX technical requirements in Reaper and had no one to ask. After watching a few of his videos, I reached out for more guidance. Dana not only replied but took time to simplify Reaper’s toolbox for voice narration and offered guidance on the nuances of performance, business and need for consistency when booking work through ACX. Thank you, Brother, for helping me out of the weeds. – Chip Davis

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