Setting Up Zoom For The X32

Setting Up Zoom For The X32. I have also provided a link to the scene that will route the X32 as seen in this video at the bottom of this description. When you click the link, save the zip file. Unzip it and go through the process of loading it into your X32. CAUTION: This scene was made using the latest Firmware for the X32 as of August 29th, 2020. In 2017 many people are getting into the Audio Book Narration Profession. The requirements concerning the ACX, as well as other Audio Book distributors are both extensive as well as easy to accomplish if you can grasp the basic concepts of Audio Requirements.

Hello, my name is Dana and I have been recording the “Spoken Word” for 45 years. I have analyzed close to 10,000 Podcast files using the recommended standards set forth by the Audio Engineering Society, commonly referred to as the AES, to wit I am a Proud Member of.

I am an active Narrator with the ACX. I also teach Home Recording. I have taught thousands of people how to record professional audio concerning the “Spoken Word” commonly referred to as “Speech”. If you plan on joining any of these organizations or dive into recording, I invite you to check out my other videos as well as my website.

Zoom-Scene link.

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