I have spent two days online and on the phone and this is the cheapest rate I can get for International Shipping. I am selling this book for $60. It cost me $12.00 to print it, and $5.00 to have it shipped to me. $60 – $12 – $5.00 = $43.00. I then have to deduct 33% for Federal Corporation Tax, which is $14.19. Then I pay a 5.3% Virginia State Business Tax which equals $3.18. That leaves me $25.63.

Now I have to pay for the shipping envelopes as well as my time to address the shipping and return labels, and then take them to the Post Office. As you can see, I really don’t make that much. Now divide that by the hundreds of hours I spent putting this project together, and you can see I don’t really make that much money off of each sale.

I am posting this breakdown for a reason. If you are a Band looking to burn a CD, there will be additional costs associated with your project after you leave the studio. That’s why I SUPPORT Indy Bands! I know what it costs. Humbly, Dana Tucker.

X/M32 Field Manual with International Shipping
X/M32 Field Manual with International Shipping
X/M 32 Digital Mixers Step By Step Basic Setup And Operation Field Manual.
Price: $90.00
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