Studio Microphone Buying Guide

This is a very well written microphone buying guide that Sweetwater has put together. It is in-depth as well as easy to understand. Professional recording engineers know that creative microphone selection is an essential ingredient in every great recording. If you’re new to recording, however, the subject of microphones is probably shrouded in mystery. With a bit of studio experience under your belt, you learn that certain mics work well for recording particular instruments, but without an understanding of acoustic theory, you likely won’t understand why.

Do you reach for a dynamic or a condenser mic? Tube or solid-state? With so many mics to choose from, it can seem overwhelming, so a basic understanding of microphone types and their uses will serve you well. A bad mic choice usually comes back to haunt you – sticking out like a sore thumb in the mix – but not to fear! Sweetwater’s Studio Microphone Buying Guide unravels the mysteries of the microphone, putting you on the path to awesome-sounding recordings.

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