Using The X32 Gate For Podium Mics

We had a Member ask about how to tame the “hiss” coming from their podium mic and going into the live stream. Next to the proper use of compression, gating is one of the most difficult things to master for live mixing. This video shows how once your input gain leaves the pre-amp and travels through the mixer, if you have the wrong gain input, mic or mic placement, that little hiss you hear is going to amplify once it leaves the X32 mixer. So how do you correct it?

That is impossible for me to answer as I have very little information, to base my answer on. Here is what I do know. 1. It is a podium mic which means it is probably a condenser mic. 2. It is a older Church with many reflective services. I hope the video below helps explain the process for gating noisy mics.

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