How To Setup A Monitor Console Separate From FOH

This documentation will explain how to setup another mixer fed by the Front of House, (FOH) mixer so that you can run your monitor or streaming mixer independent of the FOH Mixer. We will be using AES50 Port A for out example, but you can do this AES50 Port B by following the same example. You will need to configure both units. The FOH mixer will be the master and the first four steps below will show the routing for that mixer. The FOH will have full gain control while the Streaming or Monitor Mixer will have 18dBs of Trim.

Step 1. Go to Setup, then Mixer and under Synchronization, set the clock source to Internal.

Step 2. On the X32 Desk or FOH Console, go to Routing and then select  AES50.

Step 3. Under AES50 A, move 1-8, 9-16, 17-24 and 25 through 32 from Out to Local 1-8, 9-16, 17-24 and 25 through 32.

Step 4.  If you need access to the FOH Auxiliary Inputs, then you need to set AES50 A out 33-40 to Aux In/TB.

 Streaming or Monitor Mixer Routing Setup

 Step 1. Go to Setup, then Mixer and under Synchronization, set the clock source to AES50 A.

Step 2. Go to Routing and under Inputs, select  AES50 A 1 through 32 and under Aux in Remap select User in 1-6. 

Step 3. Go to Routing and under User In AES50 A 33 through 40, select 33 through 38.

That’s it, you have now routed 32 XLR Inputs if you are using the X32 Full Desk, or 16 XLR Inputs if you are using the X32 Rack, Producer or Compact, and the 6 Auxiliary Inputs from the FOH Mixer to your Streaming or Monitor Mixer using AES50 Port A.

You now have the ability to have a completely separate mix from the FOH to supply to your Live Stream/Broadcasting or Monitor Mixer. This is extremely helpful due the independent needs for each process. Part of this information was provided by Marshall Thomas, Technical director at Abiding Church. You can click here to view, print or download this article. God Bless! Dana.

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