I used the latest firmware version 4.06 for the X32 and the latest version 4.3 for X32 Edit. I use X32 Mix for my iPad running version 15.6. This manual & epub is broke down into chapters that should take you to your issue instantly. It has 40 chapters, 197 pages, 212 screenshots/illustrations, and 34,609 words. The epub has the same material in a format that can be used with your iPad/Tablet or Smartphone.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. How to properly setup your mixer starting with the Word Clock.
  2. Routing Local XLR Inputs.
  3. Routing 1/4 Inch and RCA Inputs.
  4. Connecting Stage Boxes.
  5. Input/Output Routing Using Two Or More Stage Boxes.
  6. Routing For P16 Personal Monitoring Systems.
  7. Channel Strip Processing.
  8. Setting Up A Streaming/Live Broadcasting/Monitor Mixer.
  9. Setting Up Your Mixbuses.
  10. Setting Up In Ear Monitors & Stage Monitors.

There are 28 more chapters of information besides the 10 chapters listed above that you will learn. You can click here to see the complete chapter list. The price is $60 + $10 shipping & handling for the paperback for the lower 48 States in the USA. The price for international shipping including Alaska and Hawaii, is a flat fee of $30.00. If the international shipping cost applies to you, please click here to purchase. If you would like to see the book before you decide, please click here.

The delivery time is normally 4 to 6 weeks depending on the publisher, when you place your order and your shipping location. International orders may take longer. You can click here to view the epub version of this book. Humbly, Dana Tucker.


X/M32 Field Manual
X/M32 Field Manual
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