I used the latest firmware version 4.06 for the X32 and the latest version 4.3 for X32 Edit. I use X32 Mix for my iPad running OS 15.6. This manual & epub is broke down into chapters that should take you to your issue instantly. It has 40 chapters, 197 pages, 212 screenshots/illustrations, and 34,609 words. The epub has the same material in a format that can be used with your iPad/Tablet or Smartphone.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. How to properly setup your mixer starting with the Word Clock.
  2. Routing Local XLR Inputs.
  3. Routing 1/4 Inch and RCA Inputs.
  4. Connecting Stage Boxes.
  5. Input/Output Routing Using Two Or More Stage Boxes.
  6. Routing For P16 Personal Monitoring Systems.
  7. Channel Strip Processing.
  8. Setting Up A Streaming/Live Broadcasting/Monitor Mixer.
  9. Setting Up Your Mixbuses.
  10. Setting Up In Ear Monitors & Stage Monitors.

There are 28 more chapters of information besides the 10 chapters listed above that you will learn. You can click here to see the complete chapter list. The price is $60 + $10 shipping & handling for the paperback for the lower 48 States in the USA. The price for international shipping including Alaska and Hawaii, is a flat fee of $30.00. If the international shipping cost applies to you, please click here to purchase. If you would like to see the book before you decide, please click here.

The delivery time is normally 4 to 6 weeks depending on the publisher, when you place your order and your shipping location. International orders may take longer. You can click here to view the epub version of this book. Humbly, Dana Tucker.


X/M32 Field Manual
X/M32 Field Manual
Pre-Order the X/M 32 Digital Mixers Step By Step Basic Setup And Operation Field Manual. There will be a $10.00 shipping fee applied to the $60.00, making the total $70.00.
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Price: $60.00
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X32/M32 Digital Mixers Step By Step Setup And Operation Field Manual
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by S & B Sound

Dana – I just received my copy of your E Book. Can I say it’s awesome? This is a much needed resource. The information presented is comprehensive and easy to understand. I love all the pictures and diagrams; it makes it so much easier to understand The layout is great and addresses just about any situation you will encounter with the X32 in a gigging or recording environment. Thank you for creating this and all you have do to help me and others to become knowledgeable and proficient on this great product! Bill H.

 by Liz

You really laid it out so anyone can understand it. You made my life much easier as a sound board volunteer. Thanks and I love your videos!

 by Jim M.

Greetings Dana, I just received your EPUB version of your X/M 32 Field manual, I am truly impressed. I have skimmed thru some of the chapters and they are concise and easy to understand. I read Chapter 19 ( Using mute groups ) I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly. Also another feature I like is that you can click on the pictures and enlarge them for greater detail. Thank you for putting the time and effort in and making it uncomplicated  and  easy to follow. This will definitely make my life easier. Sincerely Jim. To Close For Comfort.

 by Keith F.

Forget endless hours of searching YouTube how-to videos. This manual should be included with the sale of every X32/M32. From start to finish, Dana walks you through everything you need to know to successfully navigate the operation of your X32 digital mixer, from the obvious to the “gee, I didn’t realize that is how it worked!”, no stone is left UN-turned. Thank you Dana Tucker! The Travelling Marbels

 by Kathy D.

I absolutely love your videos Dana! Your eBook is not only easy to navigate through the chapters, it is packed with information that no one writes about. I will talk with my Pastor this Sunday and suggest we order your paperback book to keep in the sound booth. We also share our Church with our Hispanic Community, I will recommend it to them as well. You are a BLESSING to volunteers that want to learn how to make a better mix.

 by Roger R.

WOW Dana, I thought your videos were killer, having this epub information on my iPad is a God send! All of this valuable information at my finger tips is amazing. Your style of teaching makes it very easy for myself and the volunteers at my Church to get a better understanding of how our X32 Desk truly works. Be Blessed. Roger R.

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